I'm professional photographer specialized in photographing cars, stills, landscapes, architecture and people. Of course I do photograph for big companies, but this does not mean, that I do reject individuals, small companies, tradesmans, or just single persons. With pleasure I photograph weddings, parties, families, etc. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you need great pictures of your oldtimer, or just a good advice how to set up your camera.

I am photographer - human beeing, and my sevices are here for you.

I do not know if its important to write down the list of companies

I was working for. Maybe for some people it is important, but for me is more important the feeling, that I am always trying for my very best. If I do what I like than it is a passion. Important is to show you the way I photograph and if you like it or not, I guess.

I am based in Prague (Czech Republic) but working worldwide.   

I do love to travel and I do love to meet new people. 

And do you know what? I hate these kinds of cliches where is writen: "He started to take first pictures as a small boy, he developed his first pictures in fathers darkroom and He and He and He, blah blah blah.

I love people, I love my family, I love friends, I love sun, I love sea,

I love to eat, I love what I do, I love.  


My motto is: "Be happy, because you can be happy."



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Petr Pechman






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